Sexual health

It doesn’t only refer to the work at night. Sexual health is a vast topic which encompasses a wide range of public health and issues, mainly the sexually transmitted infections that are a major cause of worry for anyone. Sexual health according to the world health organisation is broadly defined as ‘A state of physical, emotional, social and mental well-being in relation to sexuality. It doesn’t mean or talk about the absence of sexual diseases, illness or ailments. A good sexual health is where there is a respectful approach to the sexuality and sexual relationships. Sexual health is about having a positive attitude about sex, and the possibility of having safe sexual relationships and experiences, free of violence.

About Us

We are an into sexual clinic services, offering a helping hand for those who need assistance in the same. We cater to general sexual health services, which covers most aspects of sexual health. The services that we offer are:

Contraception planning and advice

we offer general thoughts about contraception, safe and manageable ones. We guide you in choosing the best that suits your health.

Family Planning advice

family planning is important not just to cut down population, but to also help you in other ways. Doing it the right way, from the right people has a long effect on your sexual health.

Information and analysis about STD’s

Information and counselling for sexually abused and assaulted victims Symptoms of sexual health problems are talked about at our regular online meet, which you can be part of. We offer web-based services for those who love to contact us but stay far away. Bringing awareness about sexually transmitted diseases, prevention methods, and treatments plans are given here. We want to be a pillar of solutions for all your sexual health needs.